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Dren is a genetically-created hybrid Chimera which combines human and animal DNA. She was created by Clive Nicoli and Elsa Kast using a donated egg and previous chimera DNA from the creatures "Fred and Ginger".

She grows at a very rapid rate, and is quite an agile creature, sporting a tail (which is revealed to contain a regenerating stinger) and two hind-legs, as well as missing one digit on each hand, finally revealing a pair of wings and a barbed hood on the back of her neck, but otherwise appearing very human. Very intelligent in nature, picking up several words she spells out with letters on a board, and drawing, as well as a keen likeness to dance.

At maturity, she appears to be quite beautiful, even being successful in seducing several individuals before her predatory nature becomes apparent and she rebels by killing. Her final stage of growth resulted in her changing from female to male, and at the end of the film speaks its first, and only, two words, before it is killed by Elsa with a rock to the head.