"Elsa Kast" is a scientist working in gene splicing and creating medicines in the hope to cure some of the world's serious illnesses. She works with Clive Nicoli, a man she is also in a relationship with and, through their combined efforts, create three creatures using splicing - Fred and Ginger (created using combined animal DNA) and Dren (created using combined animal and human DNA).

As Dren was created using an egg of Elsa's, Elsa forms a very maternal bond with Dren, teaching her how to communicate and associate with objects, as well as nurturing her to adulthood. However she is soon betrayed when she catches Clive having sex with Dren.

It is believed Elsa had a very negative childhood, as shown by pictures and temporarily living in her child home, and she rarely speaks positively of her mother, yet her father is not mentioned. After the betrayal, Elsa briefly patches things up with Clive but is met with a tragic end when a thought-to-be-dead Dren emerges as a male, rapes Elsa and manages to kill Clive before she repeatedly smashes a rock over Dren's head.

The last we see of Elsa is in her employers office, signing a document entitled (Phase Three) before standing up and revealing to the audience she is heavily pregnant....." Sorce: